Midlands Tarot Meetup moves!

Well I've had a busy day with a number of things. And, after a number of calls and meetings, I'm thrilled to say we have a new venue for our group's monthly meetings.

We will now meet at . . .

For full info visit

I'm so excited! And we have cupcakes (with the compliments of "Cupcake Sue") to welcome us to our new venue!

We meet monthly 7-10pm on the 3rd Thursday. All details at the website.

Yippee :-)


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Tarot update


Well it's been a while since I last posted an update and I'm determined to play catchup and get in here more often.

So watch out for an update on the TABI conference in Birmingham last month plus another on my Meetup Group.

I've got lots to share!


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Lots of exciting things happening here

Well, I haven't been catching up much on the journal lateley - partly because there has been so much going on . . . where do I start?

Let me add a quick update and then I can post more info on each area later.



Had a fantastic time in London with Kim Arnold and some wonderful speakers.  Kim puts on a great conference and she's created a great environment.  Will put a separate post up over the next week with more info.  So much to share.   And wait till you hear about the water feature!

TAROT & ASTROLOGY - in Birmingham

Had a couple of great sessions on this with the wonderful Mick Frankel.  Again, loads to sharen this and Mick is highly recommended.  More to follow.

TAROT @ THE TREE OF LIFE - in Birmingham

I spoke for them at one of their events. Joginder and Marketa are a lovely couple who run a great series of events in Birmingham each week.  We had a great night and talked about the History of Tarot and about Demystifying the Tarot.


These meetings are great!  We are having so much fun with them.  The Tarot.Tarot games are the highlight of the night :-)   Bless Elizabeth Wheldrake for creating a truly fun, enlightening and easy to play game.  Our clients are loving it and we have some real Tarot.Tarot stars.

Check out the www.Meetup.com/Midlands-Tarot-Meetup site for photos, info and downloads. 

Anyone is welcome to join - you can join online from anywhere, add your photo, a bio and chat.  You don't have to come to the physical meetings to join in the fun :-)

More info to follow . . .

Next Midlands Tarot Meetup/Drop In - Nov 19th Bromsgrove

Hello again - good to be back in touch about our next meeting.  Have you voted in our online poll on the Meetup Group?



Next Midlands Tarot Meetup/Drop In Evening

Bromsgrove:  7-10pm on Thursday 19th November (3rd Thursday)


You are invited to join us at our next meeting.  Can you come and share in the fun?  We look forward to welcoming you at our regular venue in Bromsgrove at Harmony Stable, 5C The Stables, Canal Wharf, Hanbury Road, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove,  B60 4JZ.  


We would LOVE you to come and join us, on your own or with friends.  You'll find friends here anyway  J.   We are easy to find and there is plenty of free parking. 


Call Ruth on 07804 129444 if you need directions, although we will confirm full details by email when you book.


Come and relax and have a great evening.  Treat yourself, you know you deserve it and there is nothing quite like the gift of time for yourself and a bit of self care!  Invest in yourself now and each month you are able to join us.


To keep it nice and simple, it’s in the evening on the third Thursday of each month.   You can put these dates in your diary now.


¨      2009 dates: 19th November & 17th December.

¨      2010 dates: 21st Jan;  18th Feb; 18th March; 15th Apr; 13th May; 17th June; 15th July (Mary's birthday!) 19th Aug; 16th Sept; 21st Oct; 18th Nov 16th December.

¨       Times:  7pm to 10pm – come for all of it or drop in and out to suit you.

¨       Format:  Check out the running order and your options online


New to this?  Then come along and take this opportunity to find out more about Tarot.  You'll be glad you did.  It's fun and easy - come alone or with friends.  You are guaranteed a warm welcome from Mary & Ruth and our regulars.   

One of our Regulars?  Come back and have some more fun with us!  Play a game, talk Tarot and meet others, catch up on what's new and what's happening in Tarot. 


BOOK ONLINE NOW at www.Meetup.com/Midlands-Tarot-Meetup or email us with “YES” in the header and tell us how many places you want to reserve.


Have you registered as a free member of our Meetup Group yet?  Add your photo, info and chat online when it suits you.  Free downloads and info too.



7 Reasons to Book Your Place Now


1 - Come and get your "Card of the Day" and find out what it means!

2 - A whole evening of Tarot for less than the price of a 20 minute reading

3 - You can talk Tarot, browse decks & books.  Buy only if you want to.*

4 - You can play Tarot.Tarot - a fun, easy game - and create your own reading

5 - You'll have professional readers to help guide your exploration!

6 - Insights into how practical and useful Tarot is personally & professionally


8 - You'll enjoy popular bonuses - special topics of interest each month.


*Note:  There will be a selection of goodies available to buy including new and pre-loved Oracle & Tarot Decks, plus jewellery, incense, cards, gifts and oils available.


We know, we said "7 Reasons" but there's your first bonus! J

Our aim is to surprise and delight you.

If you need even more reasons then scroll down to Section 4 - The Details.


STANDARD RATE:  £15 for the evening.  Excellent value and still less than the price of a 20 minute reading and you can create your own reading and have all the other benefits too.


BONUS 1: Bring a new person – your friend/colleague & get £5 off  

your entrance fee on the door.



Bring 3 and you come FREE!


This is our "RAVING FAN RATE":  bring 3, come free.  Yes, that's right, bring 3 new people with you - first timers who pay - then you come as our valued guest with our thanks for being a raving fan and sharing the fun.




Other Tarot News & Invitations for you


We are passionate about Tarot so it's no surprise to find we are involved in other Tarot-related things too.  Let us know which are of interest right now:


READINGS:  book your own private reading with Mary or Ruth. 


TAROT PARTIES:  Just get a group of 6+ people together and you can book your own Party and we could COME TO YOU!  Call us now for copies of our timetables and all sorts of fun things to make sure you all have a great party and get the dates you want.


MONTHLY TELECONFERENCES:  Mary co-hosts global teleconferences with the Tarot School of New York.  Ideal for the Tarot Reader who wants to learn from - and be part of - a great group.  Especially for Readers to share ideas, learnings and experiences from the Annual Readers Studio held in New York.   You can get the benefits, even if you can't get to the conference!    Email mary@tarotacademy.co.uk with "TELE" in the subject line to get your invitations.


REGULAR WEBCONFERENCES ("Tarot Around the World"):  Aimed at Tarot Readers and Students at all levels, these are perfect for those with some knowledge of Tarot who want to increase their worldwide Tarot network.  Sharing info and news on Tarot.  You don't have to have a webcam to join in (although it adds to the fun!)   You can still see those of us who do have webcams.  Great fun and a great worldwide Tarot community.  Again, to receive your invitations just email mary@tarotacademy.co.uk and put "WEB" in the subject header.


TRAINING COURSES:  Our "Introduction to Tarot" course runs over 10 weeks, one evening a week.  It's very hands on and practical, interactive, informative, fun and enlightening!   Great for those with no/limited knowledge of Tarot who want to know more about how to use it for personal growth and readings.  You can choose to come to Bromsgrove or join us online.  Let us know when you'd like to start. 


Tarot Readers can also access additional training online via webconference on a number of topics.  Just let us know what you are interested in. 


Whatever your level of interest in Tarot you will find something for YOU! 



If you want more detail . . .visit the Meetup Group




You've already seen 8 of the benefits in section 2 "7 Reasons to Book Now", including our cheeky little bonus!  There are lots more benefits for you to enjoy, including:


- an easy and relaxed atmosphere

- drop in and out when you like

- get to look at lots of different decks

- pick a card and have it explained

- the opportunity to ask lots of Tarot and personal-development related questions

- chance to play with any - or all - of our 3 Tarot Games (Tarot.Tarot; Tarotel; Tarot Dice)

- so much to choose from

- great company, everyone gets on so well and is so friendly.



You - whichever group you fall into.  It may be that:

      -     you’re curious– don’t know much about it and want to find out more

-     you’ve had a reading (or several) and want to know more about how it works

-     you would like to play the Tarot.Tarot board game and create your own reading (you can do this each month if you like)

-     you are interested in learning more about Tarot (informally at these drop ins or via formal Training Courses and Workshops)

-     you know something and want to understand more about Tarot and the different decks available

-     you are familiar with Tarot and want to deepen your knowledge

-     you are interested in exploring or studying different decks

-     you want to find out more about the practical application of Tarot in life and business

-     you are enthusiastic about networking with others who share your interest

-     you want to have fun doing this at times to suit you!




Mary Collin:  I am delighted to be your co-host for these evenings.  You can find out more about my background in the FREE REPORT on offer in Section 4 - The Details.  Briefly:  I read, teach and speak on Tarot and have travelled the world in my Tarot (and other) studies.  I've worked with some amazing Tarot luminaries - artists, authors, designers, speakers and readers.  In Section 3 - Other News - you've seen I host and co-host regular Tele & Web Conferences.  I'm also an Endorsed Member of TABI - Tarot Association for teh British Isles. 


My other qualifications include Business Coaching, NLP Practitioner & OptiPrac, Certified Constraints Coach. I'm also a Life Member of the Institute of Directors and qualified in management, psychology, counselling and as Founder President of the Professional Speakers Association (Midlands) you know you are in safe, professional hands.  Visit my websites - Tarot Academy and Tarot Academy - on The Best of Bromsgrove to see why I'm recognised as being "Truly Exceptional".   Tarot is the simplest, most effective tool I've encountered in over 30 years of working.  Amazing! 


Ruth Grazier:  The Founder of Harmony Stable, Ruth offers healing, psychic development, Reiki, Crystal  Healing, Life Coaching, Angel Cards, Jewellery, Incense, Oils and Aloe Vera products from Forever Living.


We are both passionate about Tarot and delighted to be working together to help ensure you get the most out of these Meetup/Drop In evenings whenever you are able to join us.  Come and join the fun and learn more about yourself and others too.



 online at www.meetup.com/Midlands-Tarot-Meetup





Remember that you can come for the whole evening (7.00-10.00 pm) or just drop in whenever suits you best.  You will be assured of a warm welcome and plenty of Tarotphernalia.


Just a reminder that the TarotTarot games will start at 8pm (in case you want to arrive early and book your place) and this is a great way to create your own reading whether you have absolutely no knowledge of Tarot or heaps of experience!  It's fun and easy and really gets you thinking.


We look forward to seeing you there! 


Warmest wishes,


Mary & Ruth
Tarot Academy & Harmony Stable



Have you registered at www.Meetup.com/Midlands-Tarot-Meetup?   It's a great way to find out more about our Monthly Midlands Tarot Drop In evenings.  It's free to join us online and you will get all our news and updates.  And you can see photographs, check the next meeting date, book online and chat with others.   Share it with anyone you believe would be interested.   We'll post details of our other events on there too!

Facebook & Twitter:
You can find me on Facebook as "Mary Collin" and follow me on Twitter: marycollin

Other Useful Sites:
The Best of Bromsgrove - to find out why we are "truly exceptional" & to add your own testimonial.
Tarot Academy Live Journal - for updates from Tarot Academy
www.TarotAcademy.co.uk   -
for news, information and Mary's blog
www.harmonystable.co.uk    - for Ruth's news, information & diary

Midlands Tarot Meetup

Can't wait for tonight's drop in meeting.   Especially now we are pointing people to the www.meetup.com/Midlands-Tarot-Meetup site.  It's making life so much easier and we can start building a great online community as well as supporting the local Tarot enthusiasts.

We have some great, fun exercises to do.

And of course the wonderful Tarot.Tarot game by Elizabeth Wheldrake which we all love!!!!

So, to find out more and to see photos, get downloads and just chat . . hop on over there, we're waiting for you

Mary & Ruth

Update on Tarot Academy activities!!!

Quick update for the Tarot Universe :-)

I've had a couple of marathon sessions over the last week or two with my web designer and myself and

What I've done:


* completely overhauled my www.TarotAcademy.co.uk website and revamped it
* sent it all to Nathan Littleton of Future Visions to load up (coming soon . . . )
* got focussed on some innovations to it
* added some free downloads
* added Twitter to my iPhone so I can update on the move
* added Facebook to my iPhone to keep up to date more easily with that too
* added LiveJournal to my iPhone so I can update my Tarot Blog easier too!
* met up with the wonderful Ruth Grazier of Harmony Stable who I'm teaming up with
* sent out invitations to the relaunched Monthly Drop In evenings in Bromsgrove
* booked to speak for the Tree of Life in Birmingham on Tarot . . . more info to follow


Wow, what a couple of weeks!


Now it's over to Nathan to


a) get me my new Tarot Academy eheader up and live so that all future Tarot-related emails go out with my new revamped branding :-)


(and incorporating my gorgeous Alchemical High Priestess card, as permitted by the wonderful Robert Place!)


b) get my new www.TarotAcademy.co.uk website updated and relaunched . . . can't wait to see it up now, replacing the old one which was wwwaaaayyyyy out of date!


Go Nathan!!! 


So, here's to the relaunch . . .  can't wait!

Next blog posts will feature:

* Monthly Tarot Drop In evenings in Bromgrove in the Midlands, UK
* Monthly Teleconferences with the Tarot School of New York
* Webconferences - Tarot Around the World
* Confirmation that the www.TarotAcademy.co.uk revised, all new website is up!
* and more . . .

Add me as a friend so you get automatic updates :-)

I'm back!!!